Live your Myth in Greece

The length of the sea front, the abundant, golden sand, the quality of the water, the unrepeatable combination of coastline and mountainous massifs, changes in landscape, easy road and rail access, facilities for small craft, the alternation between quiet and cosmopolitan life, the diversity of flora and fauna, hotel infrastructure, the range of cuisine and entertainment, the wealth of sporting activities available, countless sites of cultural and ecological interest, well organized shopping facilities and the range of towns dotted along the coast.

Plaka Litochorou

A beach combining rocks and pebbles within a picturesque cove, with flat golden sand and crystal clear blue sea. Plaka is within a stone's throw of Olympus and has been awarded the European Blue Flag since time immemorial. There are many organised campsites, furnished rooms and apartments available for visitors. Fish taverns with fresh fish straight from the sea and restaurants with a wide variety of dishes await your pleasure from noon to night. The area caters for every type of holiday maker, the entertainment including night clubs and many bars and clubs playing both Greek and Foreign music.

Ancient Dion

A mere 5 km from the beaches of Pieria, Ancient Dion, the Holy City of Macedonia was found under a covering of undergrowth and water. This city had been a thriving centre of civilization from the time of its foundation for a period of 1,000 years from the 5th c, BC to the 5th c, AD. We learn from Ancient Greek writers that the Macedonians regularly gathered in Dion to worship the Gods of Olympus, and to make sacrificial offerings, as can be seen from the objects found on the site. It was here that King Archelaos organized athletic competitions and theatrical events, and Philip the Second celebrated his victories at Dion, as did Alexander.

Olympus Mountain

The awe felt with the view from the highest summit in Greece explains why ancient Greeks considered Mt. Olympus the Throne of Zeus and Hera, Hermes and Aphrodite, Artemis and the other gods. Thousands of years later, with those deities lost in the distant past, climbing Mt. Olympus or other mountains in Central Macedonia is still a unique experience. Try paragliding, skiing down the snow-covered slopes, trek along the footpaths, drink an aromatic herbal tea from local plants at the beautiful villages, enjoy the Mediterranean way of life.

Old Panteleimon

The traditional villages which are dotted across Mount Olympus and the Pieria Mountains are easily accessible and lie only a few kilometers from both Katerini and the coastline. They are famed for their excellent cuisine and comfortable accommodation. You will be rewarded with the exceptional natural landscape. Surrounded as they are by impressive forests, they stand out for their interesting Macedonian architecture, where stone is the main building material, and have managed to keep alive aspects of traditional life. The traditional village of Paleos Panteleimonas lying at an altitude of 500 m is situated close to the coastline is well known for its architecture.

Royal Tombs Of Vergina

The excavation by Professor Manolis Andronikos and his associates under the Great Tumulus of Vergina village in Imathia, Central Macedonia in 1977 brought to light the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century in Greece. Today’s Vergina (Ancient Aigai), in the foothills of Mt. Pieria, was the first capital of ancient kingdom of Macedonia, called Aigai. The site of the Royal Tombs under a modern roof hosts the main excavation, as well as an exhibition of the major finds from the burials. It is protected by UNESCO as world cultural heritage and comprises a unique discovery of an enormous universal impact. In the same area, inhabited continuously since the 3rd millennium BC, are also the ruins of an acropolis, palace, theater, shrines and private buildings, and hundreds of common graves of an extensive necropolis of the ancient city of Aigai until Roman times.


At the commercial centre of cosmopolitan Thessaloniki, one can find all international brand names and Greek haute couture boutiques. Elaborate gold jewellery is displayed in the windows of local jewellery shops, reflecting a craft that has been alive without interruption for thousands of years in Macedonia. Also, one can find excellent prices for furs and leather goods all year round. Get to know the Museums of the city, which cover the full range of history and art, and enjoy a stroll in the new city parks on the seafront promenade or the lanes of the old town. If the heat becomes unbearable, go for a dive at the nearby beaches around Thermaikos Gulf, which have all been awarded blue flags for their crystal clear waters. Don’t forget to try the tasty dishes offered at local fish taverns.

Monasteries of Meteora

Serene, spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, immense, inspiring, impressive. These are only some of the words people very often use in an effort to describe the Meteora phenomenon. A trip to Meteora offers the unique experience of nature’s grandeur in conjunction with history, architecture and man’s everlasting desire to connect with the Divine. From the early Christian times, the Meteora vertical cliffs were regarded as the perfect place to achieve absolute isolation, to discover peace and harmony and, thus, to support man’s eternal struggle for spiritual elevation. Meteora is a truly inspiring and sensational setting of overwhelming rock formations, but one must also be prepared to expect that this trip is much more than merely visiting an exquisite landscape. It is a pilgrimage to a holy place for all Christians for the 2000-year-old Christian Orthodox creed.

Ski Center Elatohori

Ski Center Elatohori is found on the northeast side of Pieria Mountains, to "Papa Land", at an altitude of 1450m. Situated in a prime location with stunning views of Mount Olympus and Aliakmona. It is just 8 km from the picturesque village of Pine, 36 km from Katerini, 474 km from Athens and 105km from Thessaloniki and 120km from Larisa. Although it is a relatively new ski resort, has become popular with winter sports enthusiasts, who flock to the slopes. Reflecting both the robust infrastructure of the center and the beautiful nature that surrounds it. Its facilities include a ski resort with 10 slopes of varying elevation and with different levels of difficulty to satisfy both the experienced and discerning skiers and beginners who protodokimazoun their potential in the most popular winter sports. Also operates a cross a snowboard and toboggan.


Live your Myth in Greece

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